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Ramaphosa Hopes Truce Between Israel, Palestine Strengthens Efforts To End War

President Cyril Ramaphosa says he hopes the agreement between Israel and Hamas on a humanitarian pause will strengthen efforts to bring an end to the ongoing conflict.

The Israeli government and the Palestinian militant group have agreed to a hostage release deal that will involve a four-day pause in fighting.

The agreement temporarily pauses a war that has lasted more than six weeks and has claimed the lives of thousands of civilians on both sides.

Ramaphosa says the deal brokered by Qatar will enable the release of Palestinian detainees and Israeli hostages, as well as the provision of relief aid to Gaza.

The president, however, says the pause regrettably implies that the conflict will possibly resume at some point.

Presidency spokesperson, Vincent Magwenya: “The people of Palestine, Israel and the nations of the region must work together with the international community to entrench the rights, peace and sustainable development of the Palestinian people as part of the multilaterally endorsed two-state solution.”