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Ramaphosa Denies Any Wrongdoing In Phala Phala Saga

President Cyril Ramaphosa has again denied any wrongdoing related to the Phala Phala farm scandal.

The Presidency on Monday said Ramaphosa met the Sunday deadline to make his submission to Parliament’s section 89 independent panel.

The independent panel, headed by former Chief Justice Sandile Ngcobo, will now process the President’s submission and other evidence before reverting to the National Assembly.

Making his submission to the section 89 panel, Ramaphosa denied violating his oath of officel.

The president is accused of violating exchange controls and trying to cover up the burglary at his Limpopo farm, where foreign currency was stolen.

Ramaphosa said his submission to the independent panel “affirms his committed cooperation with due process”.

He said he has always made certain that throughout his tenure as President, he abided by his oath of office and set an example by respecting the Constitution, the country’s institutions, due process, and the rule of law.

The presidency said Ramaphosa “categorically denies that he violated this oath in any way” and also denies that he is guilty of any of the allegations made against him by former spy boss Arthur Fraser and others.

The panel was now expected to assess whether there is sufficient evidence for Parliament to proceed with a section 89 inquiry.

It has 30 days to conclude its deliberations and report to the National Assembly.