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Ramaphosa Commits To Cooperation With Law Enforcement On Phala Phala

President Cyril Ramaphosa says he’s ready to give an explanation on the Phala Phala farm scandal, but only after the legal process has run its course.

The president faced a barrage of tough questions in Parliament on a number of issues affecting the state of the nation.

Ramaphosa says he stands ready to cooperate with investigations into the burglary.

He says he has already answered questions from authorities and will wait for the process to play out before taking the country into his confidence.

“I stand ready to do so, to give an explanation but for me it’s been important that this matter having occurred that I should give space, stand back and allow the various agencies to deal with this matter as thoroughly as I believe they are doing,” he said.

Ramaphosa’s virtual appearance sparked an uproar from EFF members.

They raised concerns around his conspicuous absence from the National Assembly.

Political parties have until Thursday to submit their names of experts who will sit on a panel to look into the contentious issue.