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Ramaphosa Calls On G7 Nations To Pay Up

President Cyril Ramaphosa says it’s time for the world’s richest countries to pay up.

He told G7 leaders to meet their commitments to provide financial support to develop tools to fight COVID-19.

Ramaphosa says if the G7 nations pay their share, the ACT-accelerator will have two-thirds of the funding needed.

He says if the G20 joins in, it would have 90 percent of the money required.

Ramaphosa warned the world’s richest leaders that if this is not done, many more lives will be lost.

He also continued his campaign to have COVID-19 vaccine intellectual property rights temporarily waived.

He says the waiver will prevent the spread and mutation of the virus.

Ramaphosa is in the UK for the G7 leaders’ summit.

He is one of four non-G7 members invited, alongside the leaders of South Korea, Australia and India.