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Ramakgopa- China Will Assist SA in Modernizing its Electrical Infrastructure

Electrical Minister Kgosientsho Ramakgopa stated that China would assist South Africa in moving quickly to modernize its electrical infrastructure in order to mitigate the consequences of load shedding.

The minister signed a joint memorandum of cooperation with eight Chinese power companies to help tackle the country’s energy crisis at the annual BRICS Summit last week.

China has also promised South Africa hundreds of millions of rands to help the country shift to cleaner energy generation.

China stated that their power pledges would generate enough power to support over 500 public institutions.

Ramakgopa has asked Chinese firms to adopt their solutions as soon as possible.

“On the generation side, we’re fighting to improve the efficiency and reliability of the old coal-fired power plants, and China has significant technology to assist us.” They are assisting us in dealing with an immediate problem, as you have stated, by providing us with emergency energy alternatives.”

He stated that China is not the only international partner working to help the country overcome its energy crisis.