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Raising the Quality of the African Road Network Tops Ivory Coast Summit

On Monday, Ivory Coast’s capital Abidjan hosted the 21st General Assembly of the Association of African Road Maintenance Funds (ARMFA). During the event, ARMFA’s President Ésaie Moussa Aubin recommended that nations within the purview of the African Union should be directed to establish a road maintenance fund of a standard that is on par with the Ivory Coast arm of the organization. Aubin’s recommendation is intended to improve the quality of road networks across Africa, which will facilitate the easy movement of goods and people, and reduce production and transport costs on the continent. The Ivorian Prime Minister Robert Beugré Mambé, who presided over the event, stated that Ivory Coast has one of the densest road networks in the West African Economic and Monetary Union and contributes 40% of its volume.