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Raising the Profile of Ghana’s Bookstores

Ghanaian startup Oniocha is looking for investment as it bids to scale its online bookstore across the continent. Launched last year, Oniocha is an online bookstore with a twist, in that it allows users to buy, sell, request and swap books, all on one digital marketplace. “We have a simple, secure web application that aggregates booksellers, readers, writers, publishers, students and anyone who might ever need a book. It is a very easy-to-use application, and with a few clicks, users can get access to the books they want,” said Deborah Saki, who co-founded Oniocha alongside David Quartey and Elliot Menkah. “Our vision is to be the lead provider of innovative and technological solutions to the problems in the literary space of Ghana and Africa.” The startup was founded in response to the multiple difficulties Africans face in getting their hands on books in an efficient and affordable manner.