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Queer Activists Occupying Camps Bay Mansion Given Deadline

TurnKey365 Property Management Group has giving a group of seven people who have occupied a Camps Bay mansion until Thursday to vacate the house.

The Seven people, calling themselves queer artivists and operating under the #WeSeeYou banner, formally booked the house for a two night stay last week and now say they won’t move out in protest. It’s now their third unpaid day.

They want their action to draw attention to land and housing matters.

TurnKey365 Property Management Group said in a statement on Tuesday; “The guise under which the guests secured the booking has not only been dishonest, but their ‘indefinite’ occupancy and refusal to allow staff onto the property has led to many staff unable to perform their duties resulting in a further compromise on their livelihoods and ability to support their families.

In addition, much needed future bookings are being compromised resulting in a further setback for a small company already suffering and attempting to recover from the throes of Covid-19.”

Turnkey365 Property Management said in order to protect staff and their families they had requested the current guests to vacate the property in Camps Bay by Thursday at 5pm.

The seven artivists had hoped the owners would support their move to create a space to be used for communal care, healing, and the arts.

“Our action is part of a global movement of occupiers who do not have homes, particularly those who are close to home that are landless, cannot afford their rent or face violence in their place of residence,” said Kelly-Eve Koopman in a statement on Monday.

“We are occupying in protest of the lack of safe space for queer people, women and children in a country with disgusting rates of gender-based violence.

“We invite everyone into transgressive and peaceful acts of solidarity with those who cannot pay rent, cannot afford to eat, those who live at the threat of violence.”