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Pursuing a Life-long Dream to Relocate to Africa

Karla, or The African Repat as she is widely known on YouTube, made the big move and has observed a few things about being a Jamaican living in The Gambia. Whether cultural differences, challenges in customs or, by contrast, a warm sense of familiarity, Jamaica and The Gambia certainly have a special relationship. As a teenager, she went to Senegal, West Africa on a school exchange trip. This was her first experience in Africa. “It changed my life, I felt something spiritual. I felt a connection to the land, the people and the culture. I knew from that moment I needed to migrate to the African continent one day.” Senegal is a French speaking country and her French is not so great. So when she realized that there was a small country in the middle of Senegal that spoke English and had many cultural similarities. Moving to The Gambia was a no brainer.