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Pupils Can Access Meals At Any School, Says Department

The Basic Education Department said that pupils who were usually fed through government’s national school nutrition programme could still come forward, even if they were not back in class.

The department has come under fire for not continuing with the initiative after schools shut their doors due to the coronavirus lockdown back in March.

Equal Education is now taking government to court over the matter, alleging that the department had failed to resume the programme once schools re-opened under strict conditions.

It said that the current COVID-19 disaster did not serve as a basis to deprive pupils of their right to nutrition.

But the department’s Elijah Mhlanga said that the claims were now outdated.

“If the school is too far away and you need transport every day to get to school, right now for the school nutrition programme, you can find a school near you instead. We have informed the schools via a letter. You don’t need to go all the way to your school.”