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PSA Plans To Strike After Failed Wage Talks

Civil servants are set to embark on a strike with The Public Servants Association (PSA) saying it plans to protest as early as next week.

This comes after the union rejected government’s 3 percent wage increase offer.

PSA spokesperson Claude Naiker says the offer is an insult to workers.

Naiker says they’ll be left in financial need when the proposed cash gratuity expires in March.

“We’re not happy with that, we feel, you will recall in 2020 public servants did not receive their salary increase.

“As a compromise, in 2021 we signed an agreement with the employers that we will receive that cash gratuity,” Naiker said.

“If the cash gratuity ceases at the end of March, I think public servants will be worse after.

“They will be left with no money in their pocket and will be in dire financial need.”