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Proudly Ndebele: South Africa’s Zana Masombuka Showcases Her Heritage Through Modern Expressions of Art

A deep pride in her history and a love of nature are what inspire South African artist Zana Masombuka. Dubbing herself “Ndebele Superhero,” she uses all manner of creative expression to honor her heritage and to create a bridge between ancient cultural traditions and modern living. Masombuka’s art is powered through collaboration, working with photographers, videographers and other creatives to bring her ideas to light. Her latest work, “Umseme Uyakhuluma: A Celestial Conversation,” is a collaboration with a team of all African women creatives, which she says started over Zoom in March 2020. The team created an experimental, multi-disciplinary project which made its physical debut as a sound installation and photo exhibition in London in October 2021.