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Prepare For a COVID-19 Christmas – Mkhize

Health Minister Zweli Mkhize has warned that South Africa must start preparing for a different kind of Christmas.

In a briefing held over the weekend he said he’s noticed COVID-19 fatigue, with people choosing not to wear their masks anymore, failing to keep their social distance and becoming lax when it comes to washing their hands.

Mkhize said that cluster outbreaks did not necessarily mean the entire country would experience an immediate resurgence.

He said they were monitoring these developments closely.

“The day-to-day festivities have to be done differently and it is very important for us to start gearing ourselves for a slightly different Christmas. I’m not talking about the lockdown, I’m talking about just changing the way we enjoy and then end up with an infection.”

“The Nelson Mandela Bay area is causing a lot of challenges we need to control the area and see if it can be contained, otherwise it will start flaring up in other parts of the country.”