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Premier Mabuyane

Premier Mabuyane Must Act As More Evidence Mounts Against Mec Tikana-Gxothiwe

Premier Oscar Mabuyane cannot delay any longer. He must act now and remove Transport MEC Weziwe Tikana-Gxothiwe from office.

Two damning front page news reports this morning have revealed further evidence of how MEC Tikana-Gxothiwe has allegedly abused her power as a member of the provincial executive.

The first instance, relating to a recording of the MEC, she openly admits that she was instrumental in the appointment of unqualified individuals to her Department. These same appointments have been subject to a report compiled by the Public Service Commission (PSC), which found the appointments irregular.

The second news report has revealed that the MEC’s husband has secured a tender valued at R1,6 million to supply the Education Department with PPE. While there is nothing illegal in family members of politicians doing business with the state, this points to a recurring trend with the MEC.

Not so long ago it was revealed that the Miorca Lodge in Cala, which is owned by the MEC’s daughter, was identified as a Covid-19 quarantine facility, and had also provided long term accommodation to Transport officials for over a year.

Here are clear examples of how politically connected individuals, in this case direct family members of an MEC, are benefitting from the emergency funds made available to combat Covid-19.

Tikana-Gxothiwe’s Department is also facing allegations of paying inflated prices for hand sanitisers, improper procurement of Bailey bridges and improper conduct in the expenditure for the funeral service of the Centane bus accident victims.

What has happened to Provincial Treasury’s forensic investigation into the tender irregularities in her Department, commissioned by Premier Mabuyane? It has been more than two months with no feedback!

If the Premier is truly committed to instilling a culture of good and clean cooperate governance, he needs to fire the MEC with immediate effect.