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Precision Farming to Improve Cameroon’s Crops

A Cameroonian company that helps farmers in remote areas to analyze their soil quality and to help choose crops. Technology startup Clinic Agro created a kit with a mobile application called Clinic Sol for instant soil testing.  Founder Pyrrus Koudjou said he invented the kit to help farmers who were losing money. He said it is very important today for the farmer to be able to analyze his soil.  Most Cameroonians work in farming as agriculture is one of the main staples of the economy, but experts said many farmers are not trained to analyze soil for efficiency. Agronomist Rodrigue Ngono trains farmers at the state’s Binguela Practical School of Agriculture. He said soil analysis is key to getting better results and leads people toward “precision farming.” It is about determining the exact amount of nutrients that a plant will need, said Ngono, in order for it to be produced [most]  profitably. Clinic Agro said in just one year, since its creation, its mobile kit has tested soil quality for nearly one thousand farms in Cameroon.