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Possible Suspect Questioned In CT Hijacking & Kidnapping Case

Police are probing a hijacking in Observatory, in Cape Town, in which a seven-month-old baby was kidnapped.

The child was reunited with his mother hours after the incident on Monday morning.

A hijacker drove off with the baby still strapped in a car seat. The vehicle was later found abandoned in Mowbray.

Police raced to Maitland after they received information that a woman had found the child.

The baby had been dropped on the side of the road still strapped on to his car seat.

“A possible suspect has been taken in for questioning, however, a formal arrest is yet to be made,” said the police’s Joseph Swartbooi.

The baby’s mother, Alicia Lamprecht, said that they were doing well.

“I’m not sure who found him, I’m just glad that I have my baby. I’m not sure what happened. He’s OK, he just smiles, he didn’t even cry. He’s such a gentle boy, he didn’t even cry,” Lamprecht said.