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Popular Tattoo Trends In Africa

Tattooing in Africa dates back to 2000 BCE, when ancient Egyptians began the practice. The artform thus enjoyed a long and rich history throughout the continent, which can still be seen today. Forget about the classic tribal tattoos; there are plenty of cool, contemporary tattoo trends in Africa that are worth exploring before getting inked. South Africa’s Cape Town and Johannesburg are tattoo hotspots. Other African cities on the tattoo index include Windhoek, Namibia (number 18), Cairo, Egypt (number 27), and Luanda, Angola (number 42). The first tattooing school in North Africa opened its doors in January 2019. The National School of Tattooing, located in Tunis, Tunisia, was founded by Fawez Zahmoul in an effort to make tattooing a respected profession in the Muslim-majority country.