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Poor Response In WC Sees Stats SA Extend Census Count

The census is slow-going in the Western Cape and so the deadline has been extended yet again until the end of the month.

Statistic SA’s Patrick Kelly explains: “At the end of the weekend we were at 72%. It’s a huge achievement but it’s still not good enough. So we’ve decided to continue with the census counting until the end of May in the Western Cape to get that up over 80% into 90% possibly.”

He said that the process had largely been wrapped up elsewhere in the country.

Kelly said that their best bet was for more people to enter their details online.

“The average for the country is about 90%. The major push we want to make is for people to complete the online questionnaire, so the online questionnaire is the way that we will get from where ever we are at the moment to a really good number,” Kelly said.