Wed. Jun 3rd, 2020


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Police Order Hillbrow Shops To Close To Enforce Lockdown

Image via Toronto Star

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The police in Hillbrow have now ordered that all business owners must close their shops, saying that people were simply making excuses about shopping to be in the streets of Hillbrow.

Earlier on Friday, the police used teargas to disperse groups of people who refused to adhere to the lockdown.

Two people have now died from the virus and over 1,000 are infected in South Africa.

Officers have been focusing on closing down a number of shops.

Police have ordered retailers to shut their doors as they try to remove as many people as they can from the streets.

The police in Hillbrow clashed with residents, with some using sjamboks.

Earlier, they ordered the owner of a butchery to close.

Officers also found a group a youngster in a shebeen and they were quickly dealt with.

As they continue with their operation, they are also searching individuals and demanding essential services permits from motorists.

The streets of Hillbrow are gradually becoming empty.

Some residents appear to be welcoming the police’s action.

Other areas that are being targeted include Yeoville and some parts of the Joburg CBD.


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