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Planning A Safari During a Pandemic

he best African safari destinations for 2021 will be the countries that can offer visitors more than just game viewing. Countries like South Africa and Tanzania should top the lists of places to go on safari because they can deliver a variety of experiences from seeing incredible wildlife, enjoying world-class services and cuisine to basking on exquisite beaches – without crossing international borders. An African safari is not only one of the best ways you can travel in 2021 because of the direct impact your trip has on protecting wildlife, conserving habitats, employing people in rural communities, and educating children across Africa. It has also been one of the safest. And as we settle into the ‘new normal’, safari will be one of the safest ways to travel anywhere in the world. Whether you are sitting down for a delicious dinner, enjoying a thrilling game drive or transferring between camps, social distancing is inherent in the African bush. Not only does safari travel put you in the great outdoors and keep you away from crowded places, it provides you with the healthiest natural air to breathe.