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Pics from these African Gems Will Make You want to Book a Flight

“The briny, herbaceous flavors of veldkos (that’s “wild food” in Afrikaans) are luring insiders up the rugged west coast from Cape Town to the Brigadoon-like fishing village of Paternoster. Mombo, Wilderness Safaris’ Botswana flagship. The property reopened in April after a year long reno, and while they punched up the tents with some Art Deco touches (light fixtures, armchairs) and added a gin bar, they didn’t mess with its most prized asset: the location, on a clearing rich with nutrients thanks to the annual floods, where zebra, giraffe, and elephant tend to graze all day. Hoanib Valley Camp (pictured) is a ring of six tents in Namibia’s sparse Kaokoland, where desert-adapted giraffe and elephant forage over gravel hills and dry riverbeds. Seven hours west via 4×4, you hit the desolate coastline and Shipwreck Lodge, 10 wood-and-glass cabins backed by rolling sand dunes, which offers little to do but gaze at the crashing Atlantic.