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Pick N Pay’s Mitchells Plain

Pick N Pay’s Mitchells Plain Store Closed For Breaching Lockdown Regulations

A Mitchells Plain Pick n Pay has been shut down by government for failing to comply with lockdown regulations.

Officials from the Department of Employment and Labour closed the store on Friday and issued management with a prohibition notice after it found the store to be unsafe and in contravention of health and safety standards.

Social distancing was not observed, and the shop was overcrowded most of the time.

The prohibition notice means no trading and no workers are allowed on the premises.

This will stand until management addresses all the matters as set out in the prohibition notice.

The store did not have the proper risk assessment in place and there were also too many people inside.

Officials add the supermarket could not manage the sanitising of patrons on entry and social distancing was not observed.

The department’s chief provincial inspector David Esau said store management must now provide enough evidence that processes have been put in place to address all the concerns raised.

On Friday morning, officials and police ensured both workers and patrons were escorted from the premises.