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Phala Phala Scandal: Suspension Looming for Ramaphosa’s Security Boss

The head of protection for President Cyril Ramaphosa, Major General Wally Rhoode, may be on the chopping block for the Phala Phala burglary.

The head of the Presidential Protection Service (PPS) could face suspension for his role in the R10.5 million theft from the president’s Phala Phala farm in February 2020.

Since September of this year, Rhoode has been under internal investigation and has been asked to respond to three charges and provide reasons why he should not be suspended.

Rhoode is accused of providing false information about a trip he took to Namibia in June 2020 with Ramaphosa’s special advisor, Bejani Chauke.

The security chief is also being questioned about instructing the removal of the PPS’s occurrence book from the unit’s central office.
Finally, Rhoode could be charged with conducting an unofficial investigation into the Phala Phala burglary.

The security chief is being groomed for removal ahead of the African National Congress elective conference in December.

Rhoode’s problems appear to have worsened since Ramaphosa appeared to shift blame onto the head of his protection unit, according to IOL.

During a National Assembly question and answer session in September, the president blamed Rhoode for failing to report the theft of US currency from Ramaphosa’s Phala Phala farm.