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Phaahla Worried About Slow Uptake Of COVID Vaccines

Health Minister Joe Phaahla is worried about the slow take up of COVID-19 vaccines.

So far, only 9.3 million doses have been administered nationally.

The minister said that some vaccine sites ran out of jabs for a few days but they’re now fully stocked again.

Phaahla was also worried about dangerous misconceptions and conspiracy theories around vaccines.

He’s weighed in on the factors contributing to the disappointing turnout so far at a time when government was being criticised for not investing enough in crucial communication campaigns.

The Special Investigating Unit is probing and trying to recoup some of the R150 million handed to Digital Vibes at the start of the pandemic, which turned out to be wasteful expenditure.

Phaahla conceded that they should be doing more to build public confidence.

“The campaign against vaccination seems to be gaining more momentum so we need to look at a lot more resources and ability there in the public campaign and the media. It’s quite an unfortunate happening, the Digital Vibes issue. Obviously, that money could have been used more productively.”