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Per-Kilo Insurance Billing Can Beat The Petrol Hike Blues

  • 3 min read

With the petrol price expected to go up again this week, you almost need another source of income to afford to drive.

Many of us are still coming to grips with paying over R21,50 per litre for petrol and the recent hike in the repo rate, which will affect our ability to save. The expected petrol price hike, which is reported to be around R3.70 more per litre, will make it even harder to save.

Instead of signing up for fast food deliveries in your spare time to raise the funds needed to keep your car running, you can reduce monthly expenditure on a recurring cost that you need to have as a driver anyway. If delivering fast food or carpooling with colleagues to save money are not an option, you need to look for a more practical method. Motor insurance in this day and age gives you the chance to save when you drive less.

Isn’t it about time your insurer considered the kilometres you drive every month when billing you? If your insurer allows you to pay per kilometre – meaning that you pay less when you drive less – you get to save on fuel and insurance, which would most probably come in handy.

Keletso Mpisane at digitally-based motor insurer, MiWay Blink, says, “The pay-as-you-drive motor insurance model helps customers get better value because they pay in line with their actual risk profile. This gives them the added advantage of controlling their motor insurance expense throughout the month by monitoring their driving.”

With many people working from home, their mileage has reduced and consequently so has the risk of them causing an accident.

“We use the phone’s GPS and motion feature in our App  to track the kilometres that you are driving. MiWay Blink’s car insurance offering allows you to pay less on premiums, when you drive less,” Mpisaneadds. Users can receive cashback at the end of the month depending on the distance travelled that month.

Sheadvises that if your current routine allows you to drive less, you should look into this insurance model and switch to an insurer that offers rewards for limited driving.

A pay-as-you-drive  car insurance model, such as that offered by MiWay Blink, provides a cashback on the premium paid if one drives less than 2 500 km per month.

With the world changing as rapidly as it has in the last few years, you need to acknowledge that you cannot undo the change, but you can only control what is within your powers. The amount you spend on motor insurance monthly is one of the things you can control – so look into it and make it work for you, and not the other way around. *Cashback forms part of the product at no additional cost. To qualify for cashback, a self-inspection must be done and your premium paid.