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People Who Violate Lockdown Regulations Will Be arrested – Cele

Breach lockdown regulations and face arrest.

That’s the word from Police Minister Bheki Cele, who is again cracking the whip.

He was speaking at the National Coronavirus Command Council briefing on Level 4 regulations.

Cele said calls to defy lockdown regulations will simply not be tolerated.

“Reckless calls for mass contravention of the disaster management act have no space in our society.

“I want to emphasise this point — this has been done by some political leaders but also some people from business. ”

The minister said law enforcement authorities will be out and about to enforce the regulations.

He believes the public is starting to realise the risks of not adhering to the law.

“While law enforcement is up to the task, their aim is not to arrest and criminalise people en masse. As a country, we are all wiser to the effect of this deadly virus. We all know the pain and destruction COVID-19 continues to cause for us as a nation, and I am confident there will be more compliance,” the minister said.

Cele said roadblocks have already been set up on the main routes in and out of Gauteng. 

Drivers will have to produce permits to pass. 

Meanwhile, government is confident it will start vaccinating police force members from next week.