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‘Pay Back The Money’: ANC Calls For Charges Against DA & Former MMC

TSHWANE – The African National Congress (ANC) in Tshwane on Monday said former Roads and Transport MMC Sheila Senkubuge should be charged with electoral fraud and pay back the money she earned while working.

The ANC released documents in which former Democratic Alliance (DA) officials claimed Senkubuge was not a South African citizen in 2015 and possibly had fake identity documents.

An email also emerged in which the city apparently admitted that the Department Home Affairs had rejected Senkubuge’s application for a passport in 2017 because she wasn’t a citizen.

The DA revealed last week that a private citizen had deposed an affidavit, saying Senkubuge was not a South African citizen when the party made her a candidate, councillor, and MMC in 2016 but the Electoral Commission said she was.

However, ANC regional chairperson Khosi Maepa released what he said was the affidavits in question.

One was deposed by former DA electoral college chair Andrew van Vuuren who said the DA knew in 2015 that Senkubuge was a permanent resident, not a citizen. Another was by former DA councillor Alexander Middleberg who said Senkubuge was only naturalised in 2018.

The ANC said Senkubuge and the DA should both be charged.

“We also know that officials in the City of Tshwane applied in 2017 to get Senkubuge an official passport but it was declined on grounds that she was not a South African citizen,” Maepa said.

Senkubuge’s lawyers said Maepa should stop talking about her.