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Pathetic Scenes after a Terror Attack in Cameroon

TO GO WITH AFP STORY BY REINNIER KAZE Nigerian refugees sit by a UNHCR (United Nation Refugee Agency) tent in the refugee camp of Minawao, on the border of Nigeria at the extreme north of Cameroon, on March 29, 2014. Around 2.500 Nigerian refugees, Christian and Muslims, found shelter in the camp after fleeing the fighting between the Nigerian army and the Islamist rebels of Boko Haram. AFP PHOTO / REINNIER KAZE

The U.N. refugee agency, UNHCR, says poor roads and the threat of further Boko Haram attacks is preventing it from helping civilians in a camp for displaced people in northern Cameroon. The UNHCR says hundreds of displaced people and aid workers are trapped in the camp, which militants attacked over the weekend, killing 17.  The U.N. is calling on Cameroon’s military to help. On Tuesday, Cameroon officials, escorted by the military, brought food and humanitarian aid from President Paul Biya. The village and surrounding areas have suffered neglect because of Boko Haram terrorism. Schools, hospitals and some markets have been abandoned and access roads have become dilapidated.


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