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Parts Of Tygerberg Hospital Closed By Labour Inspectors

Parts Of Tygerberg Hospital Closed By Labour Inspectors

Sections of Tygerberg Hospital were on Wednesday instructed to shut down after the Department of Employment and Labour issued a contravention notice for non-compliance as it had no risk assessment in place.

An inspection was done on Monday with trade unions following complaints that the hospital was contravening COVID-19 procedures.

The Western Cape Health Department said on Wednesday one of the four sections that were identified started operating since Tuesday.

The Department of Employment and Labour’s David Esau said they shut down four areas at the hospital earlier this week due to safety concerns.

“We did not interfere with the wards where there are patients because that is too dangerous. It was mainly the kitchen, the administration side, the storeroom, and the engineering side,” Esau said.

He said these areas were problematic. Some of the issues included social distancing concerns, sanitation, and some of them did not have the proper personal protective equipment (PPE).

“The hospital did not have the necessary PPEs. You can’t just have normal gloves and masks for workers, you need further protective clothing,” he said.

The Health Department said the area risk assessment would be completed and submitted within the required timeframe given by the Department of Employment and Labour, which was seven days.