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Parly Gets Green Light On Land Bill By Legal Advisors, Amidst Various Opposition

Parliament has been given the go-ahead from its legal advisors to push on with amendments to Section 25 of the Constitution.

That’s the section that governs land ownership.

On Tuesday, Parliament received the first draft of the legislation to amend Section 25 following almost a year of talking and listening around the issue of land expropriation without compensation.

Various opposition parties and interest groups are dead set against the move.

Parliament received an objection from AgriSA about the bill’s timing even before it was tabled on Tuesday.

MPs like the Freedom Front Plus’s Corner Mulder also called into question the timing of the bill, saying it could get Parliament taken to court.

“If we proceed now, it will play into the hands of those who are going to take this process to court in any case, we can do that, I’ve got no problem.”

The Economic Freedom Fighters is in favour of the amendment but even its own MP Sam Matiase warned it could be derailed if Parliament doesn’t follow due process.

“Let’s put in process and make sure that no one derives joy out of the derailment or sabotage of this process. So, whatever we do, let’s just be mindful of that.”

The committee will meet again on Thursday to process the bill.