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Parliament Processing Key Recommendations Of State Capture Report

Parliament said it was already processing the key recommendations in the State Capture Commission report.

It said the recommendations by Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, who chaired the commission, were mainly in relation to the national legislature’s oversight mandate.

Parliament on Wednesday published its implementation plan on the commission’s proposal for the best course of action.

The plan follows President Cyril Ramaphosa’s own 76-page state capture implementation plan, which he submitted to Parliament in October last year.

In its 16 main recommendations, the Zondo Commission found that Parliament failed in its oversight role to hold the executive to account after several state institutions were captured, costing the state billions.

On the recommendation to establish a committee to oversee the President and the Presidency, parliament said the matter was receiving attention and was referred to a subcommittee of the Rules Committee and a report was expected shortly.

On the recommendation to enhance the capacity of Members of Parliament (MPs) and introduce a constituency-based electoral system, Parliament said it was currently processing the Electoral Laws Amendment Bill.

The report states that a need for parliamentary reform to strengthen the core mandates of Parliament, particularly the oversight function was evident.