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Pandor Dismisses Claims That South Africa’s Genocide Case Against Israel Funded By Iran

International Relations Minister Naledi Pandor has dismissed as misinformation claims that South Africa’s genocide case against Israel has been funded by Iran. 

Pandor said she was expecting all kinds of backlash in the wake of a world court order that Israel temper its military operations to spare the lives of Palestinians in Gaza. 

She revealed at a press conference on Wednesay that even her own security was being assessed in light of false claims made against her.

 Minister Naledi Pandor said there’s no evidence that South Africa had received any funding from Iran to pay the legal team which represented South Africa in The Hague. 

“As far as I know, the legal team hasn’t been paid yet, and I have not seen an offer from Iran for such payment.”

Pandor said she’d received a slew of text messages which indicated how fierce the onslaught was in response to South Africa lodging a dispute with Israel. 

“I’ve been called an ISIS member, I’m a Hamas adherent. I hide under the cupboard, Iran is my master… all sorts of rubbish.”

Pandor said that government was prepared to be attacked for exposing the occupation Palestinians are subjected to and which South Africans can never accept. 

“There’s no funding from Iran. It’s merely an allegation and we expect even more allegations to come our way.” 

Pandor said South Africa had to be alert to what she called “mischief” to even impact the electoral process.