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Pan-African Streetwear Label Finchitua Goes Intergalactic

For Dubai-based fashion designer, Feiruza Mudessir, a foothold in numerous cultures has inspired her work, but her Ethiopian heritage and her fascination with Africa are her core influences. With her streetwear brand, Finchitua, her recent research into Afrofuturism resulted in a collaboration with artist Fanuel Leul that has propelled her latest collection into the cosmos. a label producing distinctly pan-African streetwear. Until now, they have delivered exuberant denim clothing that is cut fearlessly, acid-washed, and then adorned with tribal designs: where ’90s hip-hop meets the ancient and colorful patterns of Mudessir’s Ethiopian heritage. Her latest collection charters new territories. Finchitua, it seems, has gone intergalactic. Exploring the fabric of Outerspace.