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Over 2 500 People Employed Through The Good Economy Project

  • 2 min read

In 2022, social upliftment organisation Brownie Points launched The Good Economy, an affiliation of 10 foundations and charitable organisations that together have employed 2 505 people in a variety of roles. The project is funded by the Social Employment Fund.

Pascale Du Toit-Henke, co-founder of Brownie Points, says, “The Good Economy initiative has been rewarding, knowing that we have helped 10 NPOs around the country grow their impact and make a real difference, while giving over 2 500 previously unemployed youth an opportunity to learn new skills and earn an income doing something meaningful.”

Du Toit-Henke shares some of the inspiring stats that have come out of the programme so far: 

20 learning assistants and social workers/counsellors who worked at Rays of Hope have gone on to become full-time teachers or found full-time counselling work. The learners used their time at Rays of Hope as a paid internship to fill their practical hours. 

59 waste collectors working with Litter4Tokens found permanent work at the DUCT project in eThekwini.

1 078 people left the programme during its first year for a variety of reasons. 185 found verified permanent jobs. Ten people left for personal reasons, including finishing matric or other studies. All positions were filled by other members of the community.  

“Just over a year ago, most of these young people felt hopeless, with no work experience and no hope of finding work,” says Du Toit-Henke. “The Good Economy has opened so many doors, supported thousands of families and created hope within communities.”

If you want to get involved, consider donating directly to one of Brownie Points’ NPO Partners here. 

“We will continue to use Brownie Points’ technology, network and resources to support NPOs in their efforts to make a meaningful difference in the areas in which they operate,” says Du Toit-Henke.

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