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Orange Money’s Dominant Position in Africa is Not Secure

While presenting its figures for mid-2021, the operator – which recorded a turnover of more than $4bn over the period, in a region that now accounts for 13% of its revenues – took the opportunity to reaffirm pillars of the strategy it intends to implement in Africa until 2023. The multinational company has many reasons to be confident. It is the leader in eight of its markets in West Africa and number two in seven other countries (mainly in the central sub-region) out of a total of 18 locations in Africa and the Middle East. The group, which has been present in Africa for more than 20 years, has 132 million customers (including 38 million who are on 4G and 55 million who use Orange Money), compared to MTN, whose addressable base exceeded 200 million people this year and ranks in first place on the continent. Signs of a possible destabilisation have emerged in recent months. Competition from Free is starting to be felt in Senegal.