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Opponents To IEC Election Delay Bid Explain Their Objections

The Council for the Advancement of the SA Constitution has joined the application by the IEC
to postpone the election as a friend of the court.

But interestingly, the council doesn’t support the move.

Casac believes the apex court doesn’t actually have the power and suggests that delaying the elections, would be inconsistent with Sections 1592 of the Constitution.

The Council’s Dan Mafora said: “What the Constitution says is that elections must be free, fair, and regular. By regular, it means that every five years, we need to have elections for new municipal councils.

“What the IEC is effectively asking, in this case, is for the court to amend that section of the Constitution.”

One SA’s Mmusi Maimane made a statement, on the movement’s opposition to the IEC bid to have the local government elections postponed to February 2022.

 One South Africa Movement’s Mmusi Maimane said the delay is not a logistical move, but is in line with party politics.

“The postponement of elections will be a political consideration and not for citizens or the laws of the country,” he said.