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One Woman has made it her Life’s Mission to Empower Africa’s Squeezed Middle Class 

Subomi Plumptre is a former brand consultant turned financial prosperity advocate from Nigeria. She is the co-founder of Volition Cap, an investment cooperative that aims to help Africans build wealth and financial stability. Established in 2018, Volition Cap has initiated a $30 million fund dedicated to financing film, real estate, and agriculture projects in Africa. The fund employs a conventional cooperative investment approach with a specific focus on empowering the middle classes. By facilitating individuals with limited financial resources to come together and form groups, the cooperative enables them to pool their investments and undertake more substantial collective ventures. Plumptre says the mission is to help the “honest and hardworking create purposeful wealth.” The middle class in Africa has experienced significant growth, reaching 34% over the last thirty years, according to figures from the The African Development Bank Group. This is in contrast to Europe and America where there has been a decline in middle-class populations, averaging 60% and 50%, respectively, figures from the International Labour Office shows.