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One South African Still Stuck In Sudan – Gift of the Givers

Humanitarian aid organisation Gift of the Givers said one South African was still stuck in conflict-ridden Sudan.

This follows the return of 22 South Africans who were stuck on a cargo ship in Egypt since fleeing Sudan.

The crew who had been working on a ship in Port Sudan in the Red Sea since last year September, arrived on home soil on Thursday.

However, the South African citizen currently stuck in Sudan was not part of this crew.

Gift of the Givers founder Imtiaz Sooliman said they were busy trying to get him out of that country.

“We’re busy processing assistance for him together with Dirco [Department of International Relations and Cooperation] as he has no passport and no documentation but safe to say that he’s safe right now. He’s with a group of people and we’re hoping to get him out of the country within the next few days.”

Gift of the Givers spokesperson Ali Sablay said he hoped all those who were still stuck in Sudan could be evacuated safely.

“There are many people from other countries trapped at the moment in Sudan. We wish their countries can speedily bring them back home.”