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Coronavirus Outbreak

One Of Gauteng’s Covid-19 Patients In Critical Condition – Dept

The Gauteng Health Department has confirmed that one of the patients who had contracted the coronavirus was in a critical condition.

This came as officials dealt with six new cases in the country, bringing the total to 13 countrywide.

The latest cases were confirmed earlier on Wednesday by the Health Ministry, with those infected having travelled from countries including Italy, Germany, Austria, Turkey and Switzerland.

The Health Department’s Kwara Kekana confirmed to EWN a short while ago that the Gauteng patient was critical.

But it would appear this latest information had not reached the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD).

The institute’s Professor Cheryl Cohen spoke on 702 a short while ago on this.

“I’ve not been informed of anyone in a critical condition. Obviously I’m here in studio and not in the emergency operations centre, so as far as I know there’s not anyone in a critical.”