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NPA Confident In Their Case Against The Guptas

National Prosecuting Authority head Shamila Batohi says they are satisfied their case meets the standard of reasonable prospects for a successful prosecution of the Gupta brothers.

The justice ministry announced on Monday that it’s made submissions to the United Arab Emirates to have the brothers extradited to South Africa.

“The question of whether we will be confident if we do extradition, if the Gupta brothers are extradited, whether we will be able to mount a case that leads to a conviction.

“What I want to assure South Africans is that as the NPA, we don’t bring cases unless we are satisfied that it meets the standard of a reasonable prospect of a successful prosecution and we will only charge people if that standard is met,” Batohi said.

“At the end of the day, whether there’s a conviction or not, depends on a whole range of reasons…we can’t guarantee of course that there’ll be a conviction, but what we can guarantee is that as the prosecuting authority, we’ll do everything possible to ensure that the prospects of a successful prosecution and conviction is extremely high.”