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Notorious DRC Militant Group in Epic Prison Break

Armed fighters freed more than 1,300 prisoners from a jail in Beni in east Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) in a coordinated attack that took place in the early hours of Tuesday. Only about 100 remained following the simultaneous assault on the Kangbayi central prison and on the military camp that provides security to it, said the town’s mayor Modeste Bakwanamaha, who blamed a rebel group operating in the area for the attack. He said that 20 of the escaped prisoners had already returned. No group immediately claimed responsibility for the attack but Bakwanamaha said: “We believe that it was the ADF who did this.” Kangbayi prison holds a variety of fighters including members of local defence forces and ADF fighters. Bakwanamaha said there were rumours ADF fighters in the prison were preparing a break-out in the days preceding the attack. A similar number of inmates escaped when the jail was attacked in June 2017. About six years ago, ADF started to attack villages, killing people using machetes and guns. They have also abducted hundreds over the years. UN officials say up to 500 civilians have been kidnapped in the last year and a half.