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North-east Nigeria is Facing a Landmine Emergency

As part of the Lifesaving Lessons fundraising campaign, MAG is today releasing the Hidden Scars – The Landmine Crisis in north-east Nigeria report. The report uncovers 1,052 casualties from 697 accidents involving landmines and unexploded bombs between January 2016 and August 2020 including 408 deaths and 644 injuries. Since March 2018 there has been an average of five such casualties a week in the country – although this number is thought to be higher due to underreporting. The crisis hit a peak of one casualty every day for the first 15 weeks of 2020 (113 casualties were recorded). Most of the accidents in this period were in Borno State in the country’s conflict-ravaged north-east. Nigeria is now one of the top five countries globally for landmine casualty rates. The crisis in north-east Nigeria remains one of the largest and most severe humanitarian crises in the world today.