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No Payment Holiday For CoCT Ratepayers Hit By COVID-19 Lockdown – Neilson

CAPE TOWN – There will be no payment holiday for ratepayers in the City of Cape Town who’ve lost income due to the COVID-19 lockdown.

The city said that it helped residents where it could but could not risk a breakdown in service provision as a result of cash shortages.

As the 21-day national lockdown heads into a seventh day, many residents have been affected financially due to the closure of non-essential businesses and industry.

Deputy mayor Ian Neilson said they were worried that more residents would not be able to pay their municipal account as the COVID-19 lockdown had left many jobs in jeopardy.

Neilson said that the city was already providing up to 350 litres of free water per day to 40% of the metro’s population.

He said that all funds were needed to ensure services like these could continue.

“The city helps where it can but can’t risk a breakdown in service provision. The city is also looking at ways to assist with business continuity but can’t take on the task of significant economic support beyond its mandate.”

Neilson said that payment holidays would put the city’s cash flow at risk, which would, in turn, put service delivery at risk.

He said that the city needed to be able to deliver basic services during this crisis.