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No Opportunity For Eastern Cape Economic Migrants in Mining

Economic migrants who have landed in the North West’s mining towns claim that the lousy administration they fled has followed them.

Marikana, Maditlokwa, and Nkaneng are melting pots of different ethnicities from all across South Africa.

The word from the electoral commission is that people can only vote where they are registered, but many voters who have moved haven’t bothered to update their information.

Official government records indicate one North West settlement as Nkaneng, although inhabitants refer to it as eNkanini.

True to its name, which translates loosely as “place of defiance.” This is a joke about the enormous inflow of Xhosa people from the Eastern Cape who forced their way into a largely Setswana village.

Nokuthula Nondonga, a resident, claims the water crisis has followed her from the Eastern Cape to the North West.