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Nine Must-See Queer History Spots in Africa

Africa doesn’t have a reputation for being a particularly welcoming place for the LGBTQ community, but it doesn’t mean that the continent hasn’t been influenced by them. Although their history and impact are often overlooked, there are a number of destinations worth visiting that either extend an open hand to such travelers or provide insights into the history of the movement. Although Morocco is a conservative society now, it remains an important part of queer history and tourism in Africa. In the early ‘40s and ‘50s, the elite gay literati of the time all flocked to Tangier as it was an open-minded environment that provided a safe haven from other country’s conservativeness. Located in downtown Johannesburg, not too far from the financial district of Sandton, lies the Harrison Reef Hotel. It’s home to the Skyline bar, which is one of Africa’s longest-running gay bars. Victoria Falls is popularly known as the unofficial gay adventure capital of Africa by travelers, as it is a neutral ground for all to visit without facing prejudice and discrimination. Considered the Hawaii of French territories, Reunion island is a natural paradise, and since its independence, offers a hubbub of bars, restaurants, and hotels that are geared specifically to the LGBTQ+ community.