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Night Safaris for Watching Wildlife Via Night-vision Binoculars in Tanzania and Beyond   

Night safaris aren’t allowed everywhere in the Okavango Delta, but you can enjoy one with a stay at Sanctuary Retreats’ Stanley’s Camp – the site of my eye-popping night drive on A&K’s Botswana Safari in Style itinerary. The new Usangu Expedition Camp in southern Tanzania’s Ruaha National Park centres on citizen science, from big-cat collaring by day to watching and photographing wildlife with cutting-edge thermal monocular night vision technology after dark. Unlike the Masai Mara National Reserve, night drives are allowed in Olare Motorogi Conservancy; they’re available via Mahali Mzuri – Richard Branson’s posh 12-tent safari camp. You may see big cats like leopards or lions, or rarer aardwolves, porcupines, honey badgers, and bush babies.