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Nigeria’s ‘Waste Museum’ Showcases Art to Raise Awareness of Waste

It may well be the first of its kind in Africa, but given heightened focus on the environment, it’s not likely to be the last. Ibadan’s ‘Waste Museum’ is the brainchild of Jumoke Oluwookere, an artist who makes her creations from others trash, particularly plastic packaging. As this waste is posing a considerable threat to Nigeria’s waterways and wildlife, she felt that one way to raise awareness was to show the ways in which these dangerous discards can find new lives. Olowookere said she collected some of her waste material from people’s homes and also makes equipment for school playgrounds. Work from other artists is also featured at her museum, which includes ottoman furniture and ceiling panels made from worn-out car tyres as well as curtains and jewellery produced from bottle tops.