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Nigeria’s President Makes Light of His Democracy Day Ceremony Fall

On Wednesday, Nigeria’s President Bola Tinubu fell while climbing the steps to a vehicle during the country’s Democracy Day ceremony. Despite the mishap, the 72-year-old was well enough to make a joke about it later in the day during a speech at a banquet dinner that was part of the day’s events. He humorously referenced the fall, saying social media was confused if he was performing popular Nigerian dance moves and then likened it to the traditional Yoruba greeting for elders called “idobale.” After the incident, one of Tinubu’s opponents in the 2023 elections, Atiku Abubakar, expressed his sympathy and wished him well. Others on social media also noted that falls can happen to anyone, including leaders like President Biden and Fidel Castro. Despite the sympathetic reactions, the incident reignited concerns about Tinubu’s health, which were previously raised during last year’s election campaign.