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Nigerian Shippers Lament Fee Increase During Pandemic

The Nigerian Shippers Council (NSC) has promised to protest against the surcharges imposed by international shipping companies on cargoes imported from across the world. While speaking in Lagos last Wednesday, during a meeting with members of the Organised Private Sector, Hassan Bello, Executive Secretary of NSC, stated that the Council had sent a protest letter to the international shipping liners. The letter demanded the removal of the proposed $1025 surcharge on 20-foot and 40-foot containers or embrace negotiation. In addition, the organization also addressed a letter to the Minister of Transportation, urging him to discuss this sub charge issue with both the Ministry of Trade and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Executive Secretary also notified the European Shippers Council, as Nigeria is not the only country facing the sub-charges. Mr. Bello said China has also staged a protest against the charge. He believes that if all countries involved come together, they will be able to achieve the outlined aim.