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Nigerian Military Denies Amnesty International’s Report of Inhumane Treatment of Women and Girls

Recently, Amnesty International released a report that accused the Nigerian military of mistreating women and girls who survived Boko Haram captivity. In the report, the organization claimed that survivors faced prolonged, unlawful detention and inadequate support from authorities, leaving them vulnerable to further abuse. Amnesty stated that the girls who were not detained were left without support in government-run camps which hosted ex Boko Haram terrorists, some of whom they were married to. Sometimes, the girls reunite with these men and are, as a result, put at risk of further abuse from them. Nigerian defense authorities deny these allegations, calling the report’s sources “intrinsically unreliable.” They assert that they operate within international laws and have mechanisms to address misconduct. Amnesty International stands by its report, however, with the organization’s Nigerian director stating that the investigation took over a year.